Latest Fraud Scams

Published: 13 July 2020

We have received notification from Kent Fraud Alert System, Kent Police of 4 new scams.

1. Fraudsters impersonating Kent Police. Fraud detectives are warning residents to beware of criminals who are using police phone numbers to target vulnerable people. Those responsible are not actually calling from a Kent police station but are changing their caller ID to make it appear like they are - a process known as 'spoofing'. On each occasion the victim was contacted by someone claiming to be from HM Revenue and Customs, who told them they were wanted for tax evasion. 

2.  Resident in Westerham targeted by water testing scam. The scam works by the fraudsters ringing the intended victim claiming to be from a company called EMF water testing services, a "government backed scheme". They offer a free test to show the hardness and pH of tap water in your home. 

3. Rogue Trader - impersonating the CALL BLOCKING service. A Kent resident received a telephone call, informing them that their subscription was due to run out in seven days, and they required their ID number to renew this. 

4. Microsoft Covid-19 relief funds. A large number of people have reported receiving emails claiming to be from a Senior Director of Microsoft, and claiming that an online email beta test was carried out and the recipient's email address was selected to receive a payment from the 'Microsoft Coronavirus Relief Fund'.

 To view the full details of all these scams please follow the link Kent Fraud Alert System notification 20.07.2020