Criminal Damage - latest from our bobby on the beat.

Published: 05 February 2024

Our local beat PC had sent this message regarding criminal damage in New Romney, and requesting information:


Hello all.

Unfortunately, a couple of antisocial issues have been highlighted to me and the purpose of this message is an appeal to those who may be involved to please stop what you are doing or if anyone has information about who is doing this to let me know by emailing me direct

I am not expecting that those involved are members of MCV but if this message is shared on social media, the word might just get around to them.

I’ve been contacted by the chair of ‘New Romney in Bloom’ because their voluntary hard work in enhancing New Romney’s already lovely town is being undone by what can only be described as mindless vandalism, the following is just an extract of what has been reported to me.

The railing planters and also the 2 flower beds on George Lane/High St and unfortunately the 2 pavement planters in front of the Methodist Church in New Romney, we are continually having plants stolen or just thrown into the road or into the MC garden. I was talking to the caretaker of NRTC yesterday and plants are being stolen from the hexagonal bed on the corner of West St/High Street and also from the NRTC window boxes.

I was working on the railing planters either side of the junction between New Romney High Street and The Avenue. I found one of the linings of one planter (near the hedged area between the High Street/Church Road). On a search around I found the liner on the other side of the hedge, plants a bit battered but salvageable. The hedge is also being damaged by people walking through it. It is all so upsetting and as reported on 31/1 we have problems with the 2 planters outside the Methodist Hall being vandalised. All of our planters, plants, compost etc are put in and looked after by volunteers, we raise funds to enable this work to be done and it’s all for the community’s benefit.

I will be paying attention to these areas and doing what I can to identify the offenders so any help will be appreciated.

Another issue that has come about recently is an unoccupied property in Hope Lane, New Romney, for those who aren’t aware, it is a detached house surrounded by fields and has a couple of barns on the plot.

The house itself has had to be boarded up whilst it waits for its new owners, again because of mindless vandalism, most of its windows have been smashed and we have had to have the Fire Brigade out to small fires being set in the barns.

I already have a couple of names which I will be following up this week.

A word of warning to those who think that this is a ‘fun’ thing to do, it won’t be fun for your future if you end up with a conviction for criminal damage or arson so think about your actions and stop doing it, please.

As I said earlier, please share this post so hopefully the message will get through to those responsible.

Thank you.



Message Sent By

PC Steve Putland

(Kent Police, Police Constable, Folkestone Neighbourhood Beat Officer)