Safe Car Wash App

Published: 25 June 2024

Kent Police have issued the following information:

A new App has been designed and is in circulation for members of the public to use when using Hand Car Wash facilities.

The Clewer initiative state:

Many hand car washes are legitimate businesses, but some are exploiting their workers. The groundbreaking Safe Car Wash App addresses this problem.
Modern slavery is happening in hand car washes in towns and cities up and down the country.
There are thousands of hand car washes across the UK. You probably pass one every day. While many of these are legitimate businesses, reports suggest that many more are run by unscrupulous people, determined to exploit their workers to make as much money as possible. In these instances, workers may be victims of modern slavery.
By using the Safe Car Wash App, you can identify cases of exploitation and help end modern slavery at hand car washes.

What does the Safe Car Wash App do?
The Safe Car Wash App enables anyone who uses hand car washes to identify and report slavery. The app asks a series of questions related to the indicators of modern slavery and then assesses the answers. If there is a high likelihood that modern slavery is occurring at the hand car wash, users are invited to send a report to the Modern Slavery Helpline at the touch of a button. All reports submitted through the app are also sent to a back-end data website, where they are made available to police officers and data analysts.
By visiting a hand car wash and submitting a report, you can help law enforcement end modern slavery and exploitation at hand car washes. A single report could save lives.

The Clewer Initiative | Safe Car Wash App

You can download the App on the Google or Apple App stores